Third Order National Gathering

A national gathering of Third Order members was held in the community, with members from Bangalore, Kasargod, and Thrissur participating. It was

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National Gathering of Third Order

A national gathering of Third Order members was held in at HTA-Thrissur, organized by the Vice Provincial administration with executive members from

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First Profession of Bro. Michael

First profession of Bro. Michael Sunny was conducted on 19th April 2024.  Neighbouring religious communities, staff and well-wishers joined for the program.

First Profession of Bro. Michael2024-05-14T16:49:54+00:00

Welcome Mr. Joel Biju

The community welcomed Joel, one who came for two days of come and see programme. Joel completed his class X and hails

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Welcome Fr. Simine G F

The community welcomed Fr. Simine whole heartedly.  He visited the community during his holidays and to collect his passport.  He expressed his

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Death Anniversary of Founder

It was a great Joy  for us Trinitarian Sisters, to celebrate  100 years of Death Anniversary of our Founder  venerable Fr. Francis

Death Anniversary of Founder2024-05-17T16:59:18+00:00

Farewell by RFTS Sisters

RFTS community gave fair well to Fr. Sunil, Bro. Emmanuel and Bro. Michael. Fr Sunil is transferred to Thrissur community. Bros. Michael

Farewell by RFTS Sisters2024-05-17T15:39:53+00:00
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