Pastoral Visitation

Fr Pradeep, the Minister Vice Provincial, began his pastoral visitation during the morning pray and closed the visitation by celebrating holy with

Pastoral Visitation2023-05-26T03:53:59+00:00


This year we had three groups of children receiving the sacrament of Holy Confirmation in two days, presided by our Minister General


Second Vocation Camp

The community conducted the second vocation camp at our Ashram. There were seven who participated in it.

Second Vocation Camp2023-05-28T17:16:54+00:00

Pilgrimage to Padua

We had gone to Padua as a pilgrimage with Fr. Antoy. We could con-celebrate in the Moly Mass there in Padua. Afterwards

Pilgrimage to Padua2023-05-26T04:48:48+00:00

Third order Meeting

The community conducted the Meeting for the Third Order Kasaragod on 23rd April 2023. The meeting began with a time of Eucharistic

Third order Meeting2023-05-29T05:20:42+00:00

Welcome to Fr. Subhash IMS

The Community welcomed Fr. Subhash IMS on his visit to the community on 19th April 2023. Fr. Subhash has helped our novices

Welcome to Fr. Subhash IMS2023-05-29T05:21:41+00:00

First Profession

Bros. Joyal V. Jose, Nysal Binoy and Alan Ouseph were newly professed on 18th April 2023. Many priests, religious, family members and

First Profession2023-05-29T06:01:23+00:00
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